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Spring Knitting

I know it’s only late February but with the days getting longer and the sun more apparent, I’m in the mood to start working on some spring knitting.  So in the spirit of spring, we just received a lovely shipment of Louet Euroflax!

I know some of you are turned off by the “stiffer” feel of the yarn. Yes, it is not like knitting with merino.  I consider myself a seasoned Euroflax knitter and have learned a few tricks. The most helpful is to wind the yarn by hand. I know it takes longer and we all want to get started on a new project. It is worth the extra time. The more the yarn is manipulated, the softer it becomes.

The other trick is to swatch the yarn on several needles. It is important to wash and dry your swatch. You can then tag the swatches with the needle size and tuck the information away for the future. After having done this, I now don’t need to swatch. I know what my gauge is for several needles used!

I think when you complete your first project with the Eurofax then do the magical wash and DRYER, you  too will become a fan. The softness and drape is without compare!

Can I dare you?

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