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Life Changes

Fifteen years ago, soon after moving to Lake Placid, I thought of how wonderful it would be to have a yarn store. Adirondack Yarns was born in a 450 square foot storefront, and started as a “part-time hobby” while my boys were in school. Over that first year, the business grew and we found ourselves bursting at the seams and extending our hours. At that point, we purchased a local building and created our custom 1500 sq ft + store which of course included a knitting circle table. As the business grew, so did the table and the group surrounding it. I then started our website and the roadshow, traveling to various venues around the country.

With each passing year, our list of shows grew. We are now exhibiting at over 14 shows across the country each year. One of our employees, Kerry, moved to the west coast, and is now working our shows in the West allowing us, at times, to have dueling shows!

As the show circuit has grown, so has our group of wonderful customers. I feel so fortunate to have meet so many wonderful friends and have become part of their lives.

All this said, I find it’s time for a change in my life, as my young sons have all grown and left the nest. I would now like to change my business focus, and I hope to continue to grow our website and expand our show schedule. As a result, I plan to close the storefront this Spring. It’s a bittersweet decision but will allow me to explore the new direction of Adirondack Yarns, and yes, have a bit more free time.

I appreciate all of your support these past 15 years, and I look forward our continued relationships online and on the road!

I want to express a special thank you to Jacy, Kerry, Sarah, Tracy, Kathy, Kathleen, Deb and Amy who have been my “right arm” over the past years. Also I couldn’t do this without my “knittygirls”


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    Kerry Crone
    March 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    So grateful to have been allowed the opportunity of being on this amazing adventure with you! I’m looking forward to continuing the west coast shows, seeing old friends, and making new. I know this next stage of your journey will be every bit as awesome as the past 15 years have been and wish you nothing but fun times and all the success in the world! Thank goodness we’ll always have Rhinebeck! 😉

    A huge thank you to you, Sue, and all the girls at the store for all the years of laughs and love. May we all have many, many more!

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    Harriet Kline
    August 5, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Oh what a shock I had! What??!! No ADK yarn store?!?! Beer and snacks??!! Wow, that sure changes the concept of “Dear, I’m taking the kids to get ice cream!” I googled the store but found only a note: closed forever!
    Today I googled again and got your lovely notice. Where have I been all spring and summer! But it is good news! I can see you at Rhinebeck and Vogue, but online, and dream of the ‘old days’!
    Come sit on my porch in KV and knit anytime! And a hello to Kerry and Jacy! Miss you guys!

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      Sue Coffrin
      August 6, 2018 at 1:33 pm

      I will miss your visits as well but will look for you in “the hood”!

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    Linda A Pace
    August 6, 2018 at 11:33 am

    I will miss your storefront and all of YOU!!! BUT I will see you at the shows! Wishing you the best SUE in your new adventure called life!!

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      Sue Coffrin
      August 6, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      Thanks Linda. I will look forward to our “travel visits”!

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      Sue Coffrin
      November 29, 2018 at 5:38 pm

      Thanks Linda! I really enjoyed catching up at Rhineck. How about Vogue NYC??

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